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Congratulations! By viewing this site and enquiring about our courses, you have taken the first
and most important step to a better, more relaxing and more informed senior lifestyle!
Senior courses is a dedicated trading division of The National College of
Communications – one of Ireland’s oldest, most respected and trusted provider of courses.

The availability of these courses specially developed and written for senior citizens is a
result of the recognition that over 50% of our population are in this category and because
we are aware that the thirst for know-how, knowledge and information does not diminish
with advancing years but rather increases especially for particular subjects.

We have assembled a terrific range of over 50 courses that gives you, for the
first time, an unparalleled choice whatever your ambitions or goals are.

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Why Senior Studies?

With increased time on their hands senior citizens look at various options from
developing a hoppy, seeking information about retirement, about investment, about
buying stocks and shares, about buying a property abroad, about acquiring skills that
would enable them work part-time on a freelance basis from home and so on.

So, whether you have a pet dog that you want to understand properly in the sense
of how and why dogs behave as they do and how best to develop a relationship
that is based on love, respect and authority, or whether you finally want to acquire basic
skills to achieve a specific ambition, or learn how to draw cartoons or write creatively or
record your family history or learn how to cope with loss and grief or engage in bereavement counselling,
you will find a suitable course here.

You’ll find our courses enjoyable and easy to follow. They were designed and produced by experts in their fields.

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National College of Communications

The National College of Communications (NCC) was founded in 1998 and
very quickly established itself as the leading and most professional provider
of distance learning courses by offering learners, no matter where in the
world they lived, the opportunity to study subjects and acquire sought after
skills - all at affordable prices.

This approach of combining high quality, value for money, validated
courses and backing these with individual support, advice and help
has been the hallmark of the College's success and rapid development
in recent years.

Guaranteed Irish. We are a 100% Irish owned organization dedicated
to offering quality courses at competitive prices.
our courses

Senior Courses

Throughout, you have exercises and activities to complete - it is very important you get
through all of these to gain the most from your material. Remember, there are no time
limits for completion.

You progress at a pace that suits you. This, combined with the convenience and
comfort of studying at home in a relaxed atmosphere, the total confidentiality of the
arrangements, and the fact that you do not have the bother and expense to travel
anywhere are overwhelming reasons why so many people choose this method of
learning over conventional attendance learning.

Also, when you choose Senior Studies, you choose a friendly organisation, one that cares, one that is interested in your
progress and success and one that constantly ensures that its materials are always up-to-date.

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Our Promise to You

We are Irish, 100% Irish and proud members of the Guaranteed Irish movement – 'your
safeguard for quality and Irish jobs'. We do not offer UK distance learning courses with
questionable second-hand UK accreditation.

We are Ireland's leading College providing Accredited Courses at the best Prices.
Nobody can match us either for Quality or Price. In addition to our 2 for 1 offers we are
at least 40% cheaper for Courses compared to some of our compeditors.

One-to-One Tutor Support: Our Students are provided with one-to-one support by qualified
and experienced Tutors.

Study at your own pace. We allow ample time to complete your courses and we do
not impose restrictive or our punitive conditions when you avail of our special offers.

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